Commission on Church Vitality: 2017

TE David Bonnema Palma Ceia, Tampa C

Class of 2017:
TE David Bonnema Palma Ceia, Tampa C
TE Shaun Hartsell PC, Highlands E
TE Jody McKewen Tims Memorial, Lutz C
TE Dennis Reid Validated Ministry W
RE Roger Waun PC, Seminole W
TE Andy Walton Trinity, Clearwater W

Class of 2018:
RE Bob Bierly FPC, Port Richey W
TE Carol Lammers Knox Fellowship C
TE Joy Laughridge St. Andrews, Dunedin W
TE Ron Pfeifer Grace, Spring Hill W
RE Paula Salter St. Andrew, New Tampa C
RE Kamila Smith Westminster Lakeland E

Class of 2019:
TE Owen Carriker Hope, Winter Haven E
RE Adam Balic Tims Memorial, Lutz C
TE Zac McGowen First PC, Lakeland E
RE Evelyn McMullen FPC, Lakeland E
TE John Reiter Cedarkirk C
TE Micki Robinson PC, Gulfport W

New Grants Available for Redevelopment From CCV:

The Presbytery Commission on Church Vitality (CCV) is excited to announce grants available to Presbytery churches for the purpose of redevelopment. These grants are for any church that feel as if it is in a season of redevelopment, and wants a jump-start for doing new things. As part of the grant process, the session of the applying church works in partnership with a local coach to determine what is most needed for the church to recapture its vision. Please download the application for more details.

New Grant Available for West Region CCV:

Please contact the regional chair for more information about these grants. Download the grant application here.

CCV "Toolbox" Powerpoint Presentation:

This powerpoint, presented at the West Regional Commission meeting by Micki Robinson on April 30th, 2016, covers resources that the CCV makes available to churches in our Presbytery. Please download the presentation for more details.