Coordinating Team: 2017

The Coordinating Team manages the work of Presbytery Commissions, Committees, and the Regions providing leadership to the presbytery consistent with the authority entrusted to it by the presbytery. The Chairs of Commissions and Committees are elected by Presbytery to be on the Coordinating Team.

Coordinating Team Members:

Chair of the Coordinating Team:
Ruling Elder Marsha Rydberg

Presbytery Coach and Coordinator:
Ruling Elder Patrice Hatley

Presbytery Moderator:
Rev. Mike Loudon

Presbytery Vice-Moderator:
Rev. Libby Shannon

Commission on Ministry Chair:
Rev. Charles Perrine

Committee on Preparation for Ministry:
Rev. Deb Belusa

Commission for Church Vitality:
Rev. David Bonnema

Nominating and Representation Committee:
Rev. Denise Lay

Board of Trustees:
Ruling Elder John Hehn

Presbytery Treasurer:
Ruling Elder Terry Dennis

Stated Clerk and Director of Communications:
Rev. David Baker