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    The next Stated Meeting of the Presbytery is coming up in only 4 weeks! We’ll be meeting at First Presbyterian Church of Brandon, Thursday August 23rd from 9am to 3pm.

    Pertinent details below:

    • It’s also time to assign commissioners if you haven’t already. Consult this document for your church’s number of Ruling Elder commissioners.
    • Please be aware that first time commissioner training will take place online on Monday August 20th at 7:30pm. Please forward this link to your first time commissioners:
    • Commissioners who want to watch an earlier orientation may do so here:
    • Sessions and non-retired Ministers who cannot attend Presbytery should request an excused absence to
    • Requests for Child Care are due to by Thursday, August 9th.
    • Requests for vegan, vegetarian and gluten free meals should go to by Thursday, August 9th.
    • Requests for Display Tables are due to by Thursday, August 9th.
    • Reports to the Presbytery are due to by Thursday, August 9th.
    • The presbytery packet will be published here and on the website on August 16th.

    Sermons of Service
    A quick reminder that Sermons of Service is happening again in just over a week!  July 29th is a 5th Sunday; thanks to the congregations who are participating.  Feel free to post reports on the Sermons of Service Facebook page!

    Garden Crest History Help
    The family of a former member of Garden Crest reached out to the Presbytery last week requesting help tracking down an item they had donated to the church.  Anyone with knowledge of this should contact the Stated Clerk by replying to this email.  Thanks!

    Here’s the message:
    My grandmother, Elsie Tomasko, was a member at Garden Crest. When she died at aged 98, my mother, Arlene T. Samuel, donated in 2003 a crocheted (or possibly tatted) Lord’s Supper that my grandmother had made. It was a very large piece of work, maybe 5′ X 3′, was framed, and had a little gold plaque with my grandmother’s name on it. My mother, who is now 92, has been worrying about what happened to the Lord’s Supper since Garden Crest isn’t at the 9th Avenue North location any longer. Please know that we understand that this was a gift for the church to do with as it sees fit. If you do still have it, though, or know where it ended up, it would be great to know so that we could ease our mother’s mind.

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