Committee on Nominations and Representations (CNR)

The CNR is responsible for nominating Clergy and Elders to most committees and commissions. Talk to the Chair if you’re interested in serving!

Members of CNR

2023ElderShick, MattPC of Seffner
2023ClergyPeg Roy (Chair)HR
2024ClergyLara, Tamara Leonard LaraNuevo Camino at Beth-El
2024ElderStrum, CaroleSt. Andrew PC New Tampa
2025ClergyRush, LarryTrinity, St. Pete & TGH
2025ClergyHatter, NormHR
2025ElderWilson, JerreFPC Lakeland
2025ElderMarone, KrisHope, Winter Haven

For contact information please call our office at (813)-868-4800 or email us at