Your Church Website During COVID-19

Your church’s website serves as a vital tool to communicate with your congregation and wider community, especially in this time of quarantine and social distancing. The following are a few tips for improving your church website.

Four Things to Check on Your Church Website

  • Easy to Find Worship: Check to make sure the link to your online worship service is easy to find. From the front page of your site, a visitor should be able to view your worship service within two clicks, whether that is a link to another page or to another site like Facebook or YouTube.
  • Easy Money: Check to make sure that it is easy for members and visitors to make a gift, fulfill their pledge, and update their giving information. There are a variety of resources and tools to facilitate online giving. Please let me know if you need help.
  • Is it Up To Date?: In light of all the changes the church has faced over the past 4 months, take a look throughout your site and make sure it is up to date. Does the site reflect your worship schedule, virtual Christian Education offerings, and your church’s current calendar?
  • Ask an Outsider: Invite someone from outside of the church to look at the website. Sometimes, a set of eyes that are not familiar with the church’s lingo and life can provide insights into what the website is conveying or not saying.