COVID-19 UPDATE 3/14/2020: “It’s time … to suspend all in-person worship.”

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      Bill Wildhack

      Presbytery Coach and Coordinator Patrice Hatley wrote today (Saturday, May 14) to all minister members of the Presbytery of Tampa Bay and Clerks of Sessions about updated guidance from the CDC and others regarding the spread of the COVID-19 disease. Her letter begins:

      It’s time. We’re sorry but it is. We now urge you to suspend all in-person worship and other activities, regardless of how many individuals would be gathering. This is about being faithful to our calling. This about love and care for the people and communities we serve.

      In light of the specific recommendation from CDC addressed to “Every Community and Faith-based Organization” that “organizations that serve high-risk populations” should “consider canceling gatherings of more than 10 people,” and the reality that many members of our congregations and organizations are in one or more of the “high-risk” categories, we could no longer recommend social distancing and hygiene as primary responses for any of the congregations in the Presbytery.

      For the full text of Patrice’s letter and links to earlier communications and other resources on the subject, click here.

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