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Total Per Capita for 2022: $33.48
— Presbytery Per Capita: $23.00 (first increase since 2017)
— Synod Per Capita: $1.50 (unchanged from 2019)
— General Assembly Per Capita: $8.98 (unchanged from 2021)

Total Per Capita for 2023: $35.61
— Presbytery Per Capita: $24.26 (increase approved Aug 4, 2022)
— Synod Per Capita: $1.50 (unchanged from 2019)
— General Assembly Per Capita: $9.85 (will decrease to $9.80 in 2024)

You can look up your church’s total per capita for 2022 on this document. (The updated 2023 document will be posted soon.)

What is “Per Capita”?

The Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), in G-3.0106 Administration of Mission, includes this guidance:

The administration of mission demonstrates the unity and interdependence of the church, in that councils share with one another responsibilities, rights, and powers (F-3.0203). Through their members and elected commissioners, lower councils participate in planning and administration of the work of higher councils, and in consultation between bodies concerning mission, budget, staffing and fair employment practices, and matters of equitable compensation.


Each council above the session shall prepare a budget for its operating expenses, including administrative personnel, and may fund it with a per capita apportionment among the particular congregations within its bounds. Presbyteries are responsible for raising their own funds and for raising and timely transmission of per capita funds to their respective synods and the General Assembly. Presbyteries may direct per capita apportionments to sessions within their bounds, but in no case shall the authority of the session to direct its benevolences be compromised.

Forms (Fillable forms can also be printed to complete manually):

Call and Compensation Information and Forms (Form F-1)

2022 Remittance Form – Fillable in PDF reader

2022 Mission Pledge Form – Fillable in PDF reader

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