Info for Churches

You can see personalized forms, details and information about your particular church by logging in and visiting the user home page (top left in the menu once you log in) or your church’s profile page.  General information is below:

2019 Presbytery Per Capita:
Total Per Capita for 2019: $32.20
Presbytery Per Capita: $21.75
Synod Per Capita: $1.50
General Assembly Per Capita: $8.95

2019 Remittance Form
Basic Disaster Plan Template
2019 F-1 Form
2019 Mission Pledge Form
FLAPDAN contact form

Insurance Board Webinars
Taking Minutes Video
Session Meeting Training Video
Session Meeting Training Document
Communications Seminar
Church Treasurer’s Manual
Church Tax Guide
Managing Conflict Document
Avoiding Embezzlement

Resources for Disaster Preparedness and Response
Basic Disaster Plan Template
Hurricane Preparedness Webinar Recording (FLAPDAN)
Pulpit Supply List
Sample Child Protection Policy
Sample Bylaws
Sample Sexual Misconduct Policy
Cell Tower Manual

Book of Order
Book of Confessions
Presbytery Manual of Operations
Presbytery Bylaws