Presbytery of Tampa Bay Google Group for Clerks of Session

If you’re a Clerk of Session in the presbytery and haven’t already, please ask to join the Presbytery Clerks’ Google Group here:!forum/ptb-clerks-of-session

How many elders do we send as commissioners to Presbytery meetings?

Check the “Plan for Parity of Ministers of Word and Sacrament and Ruling Elder Commissioners to Presbytery for 2020” approved in November 2019 for how many elder commissioners to elect and send to presbytery meetings in 2020. NOTE: the number of elder commissioners for several churches has changed this year; please review the document carefully!

Training for new Clerks of Session

Thank you for serving as a Clerk of Session! Our former Stated Clerk, Rev. David Baker, assembled some training resources during his tenure that can be helpful in getting off to a good start.  Information specific to the Presbytery of Tampa Bay is in the videos below.  If you’re interested in additional training, the Hudson River Presbytery also has great training videos for clerks of session.

If you’re a clerk in the Presbytery of Tampa Bay, you can see personalized forms, details and information about your particular church by logging in and visiting the user home page (top left in the menu once you log in) or your church’s profile page.

If you don’t have login information or have other questions, please give me a call at the Presbytery office (813-868-4800, opt. 2) or send me an email and I’ll see what I can do to help!


Bill Wildhack

Rev. W. A. Wildhack III
Stated Clerk & Manager of Communications
Presbytery of Tampa Bay


Basic Clerk Training

The place where you might want to start is here, a “Basic Training” for clerks that covers the core responsibilities of the job:

Basic Clerk Training Replay

Basic Clerk Training Powerpoint
Basic Clerk Training PDF
Sample Session Minutes
For a list of “Property Option” churches, please contact the Stated Clerk of the Presbytery. Watch the last few minutes of the training above for some important context.

Advanced Clerk Training

Once you’ve gotten your feet wet, you may want to watch the “Advanced Training” workshop, which covers more of the intangibles of being clerk and the more difficult material:

Advanced Clerk Training Replay

Advanced Clerk Training Powerpoint
Advanced Clerk Training PDF

Annual Statistical Report Video Walkthrough

Blank Annual Statistical Report

Session Minutes Review

Once a year, the Presbytery is required to review the Minutes of its Churches. You’ll find links to the forms you need for this below, and training at 1:35:33 to 1:45:34 in the “Basic Training” on how to fill the forms out.  Here are some old forms as a reference; the 2020 form for reviewing 2019 Session Minutes will be posted here when it’s available:

2018 Review of 2017 Minutes Form
2018 Review of 2017 Minutes Form – Large Print

Video Training on the Forms (Click here – it will skip ahead to the right time)

Video Training on creating “Bates Numbering” in Adobe Acrobat

Sample bylaws and policies

If you find that you don’t have one of the required documents, you can find guidelines for creating them below (NOTE: these are not one-size-fits-all templates, but they are all good starts to be tailored to your congregation):
Sample Church Non-Profit Corporate Bylaws
Sample Bylaws and framework for Manual of Administrative Procedure for Churches
Sample Sexual Misconduct Policy for Church
Sample Sexual Misconduct Policy Congergation Response Guide
PCUSA Child and Youth Protection Policy Guidelines


Here are some important dates and deadlines you’ll want to keep in mind for 2019:
2019 Clerk’s Calendar for the Presbytery of Tampa Bay


Finally, if you have questions about any of this “Clerk” thing, please let me know. Blessings!