People Who’ve Been There

“Under the care of our CPM and the session of my home church, the ordination process for me was seamless. I was surrounded with support and help was given whenever it was needed!”

The Rev. Peg Roy
Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Auburndale, FL.

“I came under care as a genuine inquirer, seeking to discern my call to ministry and what shape it might take, or even if ordained ministry was right for me. The CPM was incredibly supportive and patient with me as my path took various twists and turns. Everyone’s journey is unique, and I felt confident that the committee would have my back with every new step. I remain deeply grateful for the committee’s faithful service.”

The Rev. Sheldon Steen
Campus Minister, UKirk Tallahassee

“I enjoyed the CPM process a lot because the people on the committee were wonderful and very nurturing. They allowed me to determine my own schedule so it didn’t interfere so much with my class schedule. Of course, I did everything they asked and got my paperwork in early or on time. They were very gracious when I decided to work at the seminary instead of getting ordained and gave me an “honorable discharge” and said I could re-enter the process at any time.”

Sue Crannell
Bookstore Manager, Columbia Theological Seminary

“CPM was a very good experience for me. I found the times I met with them to be filled with compassion and engaging questions. I always felt they valued my journey and provided sage wisdom for the path that God has led me down providing reflection, feedback, and affirmation. For me, the process was a joy. Although I have never fit in a more traditional church pastor role, I have never felt other.”

The Rev. Callie Currington Weber
Hospice Grief Specialist

“The CPM has been a wonderful support to me during my ordination process. That support has been manifested as an affirmation when I have wrestled with my sense of call, financial support for my family through scholarships, encouragement when things haven’t gone exactly as I had planned, and mentorship as I have advanced along this journey. I also should add that while my CPM liaison has been my primary source of contact with the CPM, I have leaned on many other members of the committee for help with their specialties. When I share stories with fellow seminarians about how wonderful my experience with the Presbytery of Tampa Bay’s CPM has been, they cannot believe how truly pastoral it has been!”

Bruce McVey
Candidate through Presbytery of Tampa Bay