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      Financial Resources and Reminders

      A couple of years ago, we were fortunate to host the Mid Council Financial Network meeting in Clearwater.  This meeting was given rave reviews from all who attended (especially the Presbytery’s financial people).  Earlier this month, the 2018 meeting was held in August, TX, so unfortunately if you wanted to attend this year the opportunity has past.  

      However, the good news is that even if you weren’t able to be there, most of the resources from the conference have been made available online!  

      I’d pay special attention to the Treasurer’s Handbook and accompanying powerpoint.

      The COM approved the 2019 F1 Form at its November meeting.  The Book of Order requires pastor salaries to be reviewed at least annually, so please fill this form out once budgets are set for next year and return to the Stated Clerk (  

      Speaking of budgets, total Per Capita for 2019 is $32.20.  If you want to know exactly what your church’s expected commitment is, please check out this report from Treasurer Terry Dennis.  
      Finally, financial folks should be aware that 2018 remittances to Presbytery (both benevolence and Per Capita) are due by Friday, January 11, 2019.

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