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    Website Login Launch:
    First, I want to mention that login information for the website went out last night and also to a few users this morning.

    If you haven’t gotten an email with your login information yet and you believe you should have, please email so that I can get you one. Church Administrators, all Ministers of the Word and Sacrament, Clerks of Session, and Elders serving on Presbytery committees should have received a login.


    One of the most frequent requests for resources I get is for officer training materials. I recently came across a new set of training videos from another Presbytery that I wanted to share. There is training in particular for Clerks of Session, but below that you’ll find videos applicable to all church officers:

    As a reminder, here are some other great officer training resources:

    Elder and Deacon Training:
    Theocademy – This is the gold standard for general training for Elders and Deacons in the PCUSA. If you haven’t seen these yet, now’s a good time!
    Presbyterian Pilgrimage – Similar to Walk to Emmas and Cursillio, Sun City Center PC speaks very highly of the program. Worth checking out with a few folks from your church!
    Office of the General Assembly Resources – A variety of resources for Elder training.
    Clerk of Session Training Page – If you’re new to being a clerk of session, this page has everything you’ll need to figure out what you’re doing.
    2017-2019 Book of Order – No Presbyterian officer is fully equipped without one!
    Church Treasurers:
    Church Treasurer’s Manual – I don’t have much experience as a Treasurer, but our Presbytery’s bookkeeper, Joe Nixon, has said this manual is excellent.
    Committee Members:
    Taking Great Minutes – A video on how to take minutes that should be useful for anyone given that responsibility on a church committee. Less than 10 minutes long!

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